Fitness Affirmations
Fitness Affirmation

Your mindset is your greatest tool, and affirmations are a great way to feed your mind with positive self-talk and encouragement! These 12 fitness affirmations are a great way to feel confident about your body, and can help focus your mindset in achieving your health and fitness goals!


1. I wake up with excitement, purpose and intention.

2. I am healthy, strong and beautiful.

3. I release old habits and choose to live a healthy and happy life.

4. I am in control.

5. Each time I exercise, I literally feel my body growing stronger.

6. I CRUSH all my fitness goals

7. I feel amazing when I exercise.

8. I fuel my body and I have amazing energy for my workouts.

9. I am confident and brave.

10. Today I choose to love my body and nourish it.

11. I inhale courage and exhale doubt.

12. I create the body that I want.


Remember, affirmations are not just for reading.

 Affirmations can be used in a variety of different ways like below:

  • speaking aloud

  • writing down (again and again)

  • posting notes for yourself around your house is a great way to remind yourself of these affirmations

  • meditating with

  • journaling





January 15, 2021 — Julia Zeitouni

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