5 Reasons to Wear a Supportive Sports Bra

Regardless of the workout a quality well fitted sports bra should be an essential item in your active wardrobe.  A 2018 study found that breasts can move up to 14cm during exercise if left unsupported. Here’s why it’s important to wear well fitted sports bras during exercise:


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A supportive sports bra will reduce discomfort while you exercise, allowing you to focus on your workout. This is especially important if you’re doing high-impact activities like running or jumping.


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As breasts are composed of tissue, they are mainly supported by just the skin and fragile ligaments. When your breasts are not supported with a proper fitting sports bra during any form of exercise you risk causing strain on ligaments which can lead to sagging over time.


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When you look good you feel good. Knowing that you are properly supported increases your confidence to push yourself harder in your workouts. You can focus on your exercise without having to worry about pulling down or constantly adjusting your bra.


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A supportive sports bra can help prevent back pain and other physical discomfort. The added support can also help prevent injury to the breasts and ligaments, which can be a serious problem for women who engage in high-impact sports and activities.


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With a supportive sports bra you can focus your attention on your workout without the stress and discomfort. The added support can help you maintain better posture, comfort, and overall improved performance.


When if comes to choosing a supportive sports bra, it’s important to find one that fits properly. These days there are a lot of “fashionable or trendy sports bras” that may look nice on, however add no value or support to your workout. Our number one tip is to make sure the bottom sports bra band is fitted firm against your body and stays firm when you move.


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January 24, 2023 — Julia Zeitouni
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