5 Ways to stay on routine while Quarantining/Isolating
FACT: Our brains don’t like uncertainty. Uncertainty engages the fight-flight-freeze-appease part of our brains (the amygdala) which can stifle clear thinking. Routines are very important now as it will give you a greater sense of control.


  1. Plan your day the night before, this gives you an outline of what needs to be done. If you work from home schedule it in too and stick to it. If you don’t currently work use this time to sharpen your skills, take a course, or work on a new goal.


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  1. Your health is very important at this time, this includes mental health. Exercise is a great stress reliever. I like to do quick workouts through out the day, there are so many great home workouts available to follow and you can use items around the house for weights if you don’t have any.



  1. Schedule your breaks. Use this time to check up on family and friends, and do things that you enjoy.


  1. Organise or clean. Cleaning may seem like the last thing you would want to do, however there have been studies proving it can be therapeutic. Organise your workspace or pantry, or get through your laundry as it can help make you feel productive and help remind you to stay grateful for the things you have.


  1. Listen to a podcast or read a book or meditate. These are unprecedented and stressful times, your mental health is very important. One of my favourite podcasts is the Mindset Mentor.


Stay Safe & Sending love to you all!

xx Xahara 

March 27, 2020 — Julia Zeitouni

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