50 Fitness Affirmations that will Empower your Workout

50 Fitness Affirmations that will empower your workout

Feeling unmotivated or struggling to find the energy to go to the gym? Perhaps you’re showing up and struggling to stay motivated during your workout. Don't worry we have curated a list of our favourite Fitness Affirmations that will motivate you through your workouts. What's all the hype around Affirmations you ask? Well your mind or we like to call it "mental muscle" is very important and having the right mindset can help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you on track. Repeat these 50 Fitness Affirmations daily to mentally prepare and help motivate you through your fitness journey. 

20 Fitness affirmations to repeat before your workout

  1. I can achieve my fitness goals.
  2. I feel blessed to be able to exercise.
  3. Today I’m going to treat my body to a killer workout session.
  4. I will make myself proud today.
  5. Having a strong body is important to me.
  6. My body is ready to exercise.
  7. I am excited and can’t wait to workout today.
  8. I always feel good when I work out.
  9. I am focused on my fitness goals.
  10. I love fitness challenges and refuse to back down.
  11. I am proud of my body and am excited to workout.
  12. Working out relieves my stress and anxieties.
  13. I am stronger than my biggest excuse.
  14. I feel motivated to achieving my optimum health.
  15. I will workout because I love my body not because I hate it.
  16. I am willing to put in the work in during my workouts.
  17. I am proud of myself for exercising regularly.
  18. My fitness goals won’t work out unless I do.
  19. I always make time to workout because it makes me feel good.
  20. I am only one workout away from a good mood.


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20 Fitness affirmations to repeat during your workout

  1. I can and will do this.
  2. I am more than capable of doing this workout.
  3. I have what it takes to finish this exercise.
  4. When an exercise gets harder, I get stronger.
  5. I feel amazing when I workout.
  6. I love working out.
  7. My muscles are strong and I will power through this workout.
  8. I will not give up.
  9. I am stronger than how I feel.
  10. Negative thoughts do not control my body.
  11. My body is stronger with every exercise.
  12. This exercise is helping my body.
  13. Hard doesn’t mean I will give up.
  14. I am capable and ready to achieve my goals.
  15. I will stop when I’m done, not when I am tired.
  16. I will sweat now so that I can celebrate later.
  17. My body achieves what my mind believes.
  18. I will not stand in my own way while working out.
  19. I am reaching my fitness goals.
  20. My positive mindset will help me have a successful workout.


10 Fitness affirmations to repeat after your workout

  1. I love my body and it loves me back.
  2. I am proud of myself for taking the time to look after my health.
  3. Each day I am moving closer to achieving my goals.
  4. I love how strong I feel after every workout.
  5. I feel amazing after each workout session.
  6. Sore today, strong and fit tomorrow.
  7. I am excited for my next workout session.
  8. I am proud of what my body can do.
  9. I am exciting to achieve my fitness goals.
  10. I am capable of being the fit person I have always dreamed of.





August 02, 2022 — Julia Zeitouni

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